Why choose banarasi saree this season

Why choose Banarasi saree this season? Simply because IT IS Banarasi. Can any weave capture the sensitivity of an Indian woman better, can any weave pronounce the status of celebration, the ostentatiousness of an attire better than Banarasi? Absolutely not. It is the spirit of the joyous laughter of a wedding celebration that is best captured in a Banarasi saree. isn’t this weave all that we stand for? The meticulousness of the handloom perfection is an extended reflection of all we put into making a joyous event, a day to remember by. The brocade shine is all one needs to take cue from. To sparkle in the threshold of a new commencement this season, our penchant for the extraordinary and to come out as true and grand lover of our age-old culture and style.

Red Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Jangla Saree

The splendour of Banarasi carries inherent significance. It is not only in the drape that is mystic, but the deftness of the weavers that is equally awesome. The happiness radiates in each thread, because the weavers work with not only looms but also emotions. How can Banarasi then be second to any? If you get to feel the silkiness of a saree straight from a handloom, lucky you are, because you get to witness a part of the treasure trove of India. And if we can bring to you the bit of the treasure, we consider ourselves lucky for being a presenter of the ceaseless marvel of Banarasi.

Black Handloom Banarasi Pure Georgette Brush Dye Saree

I personally love the aura of the golden shimmer that makes Banarasi such a unique weave. Combined with any color or fabric, the dazzle of the brocade makes it a vision to remember. As a child, I would be fascinated when the sheer brocade of weave of my mother/aunt would catch the twinkling lights of the decoration and sparkle in glee. It is the replication of remembrance that makes me recommend Banarasi for any wedding / bridal occasion. Whatever the occasion, we deserve to shine today and tomorrow, with new hope and love, with glitter and marvel. So Banarasi it has to be!

Yellow Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Saree With Pink Contrast Border