Art & Craft of India

The Splendor of Kantha

Banner 1The enamoured of a handcrafted piece of clothing is an art of precision, perfection and rarity. With the advent of machine embroidery and weaving of fabrics, the age-old handloom industry and hand embroidery is a dying art. This is why when one comes across an authentic traditional weave, it becomes a rejoice for the art connoisseur. One such art is kantha work that has taken the art community by storm with its simple ordinary stitches and extraordinary marvel.

Hailed as one among the more creative styles of desi embroidery, the raw indigenous simplicity of kantha will make you fall in love with it. It is a speciality of Bangladesh, West Bengal, Odisha where it has its roots of inception and is now working its way into haute couture labels. Its origin is again an interesting tale, to begin with. It all started when housewives in the eastern part of India decided to mend, upcycle or reuse old or worn fabric by padding them together by layering and stitching. The humble running stitch has now carved its way in the personal collection of beautiful textiles of art lovers.