The perennial beauty of Kanjeevaram

I happened to visit a school friend who was due to get married in two months. Between laughter and nostalgia, there were a lot of things shared. The old album was taken out and memories flooded in. In her treasure trove was a package wrapped in muslin which caught my eyes. “It’s my grandmother’s saree”, she said as she saw me fixing my gaze at it. Out came one of the most beautiful sarees I had ever seen. “It’s a Kanjeevaram saree which she wore at her wedding and I want this to me my wedding gear too,” she said as she lovingly stroked the rich resplendent weave of the very elegant saree. I remember the first thought that struck me with a little jealousy was that my grand mom hadn’t left me anything so marvellous.

Pink Handloom Kanjeevaram Pure Silk Saree

So what if she did not. I could get myself a similar one or even better. Was that possible? As I remembered the shiny Kanjeevaram saree with twin thread weave of orange and gold, it seemed impossible I could find a replication. The plush gold border shimmering in all its glory was impossible to match. Or so I thought. A friend recommended I check Luxurion World and thank God I listened to her. Out came a marvellous collection of kanjeevarams silk sarees, one of the best I had ever come across. They were authentic hand woven weave of pure splendour. In enamouring colours and very plush match of colours they were a beauty to bow your heads to. And yes, even better than my friend’s grand mom’s saree.

Pink Handloom Kanjeevaram Pure Silk Saree

I was ecstatic. It is not every day that one gets to witness such intricacy in weave and such painstaking precision of craftsmanship. Here was a piece of heirloom that I am sure would be looked upon by my granddaughters as well (Haha). A few were priced a little higher than my budget but when I was told that it takes almost six months for the weavers to finish a single