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Ravishing look of Bandhej Sarees

bandhani nature.jpg

Some styles never go out of style! Bandhani print or bandhej patterns are just that. It’s a pattern that involves the tie and dye technique of fabric wherein the fabric to be dyed is tied very tightly at different points in knots. They are then dyed with bright colours and allowed to dry. The knot patches remain uncoloured and thus form a pattern. It’s an age old art form that originated in Gujarat and Rajasthan but is now the craze of all!

At Luxurion World, we are in love with all art forms just as much as was. So we have incorporated all genres of creativity when designing sarees for you. Bandhej sarees at Luxurion World are so flamboyant in design and vivacious in spectrum that you love them for the marvel they create.

The artisans have experimented with a variety of fabric and design to suit your need for different occasions. While the ones on pure georgette banarasi fabric have a festive look to it, the bandhej pattern on Gajji silk can also be used for day time celebrations. The brightness, the colour mechanism, the sheer art of it, will bowl you over. It is indeed a must have because of its mesmerising charm.