Phulkari Art – The Vibrancy of Punjab

Sitting on the charpoys (beds made with jute strings) dragged into the protective shade of a tree, or ensconced against a wall, women in villages and small towns all over Punjab are often busy creating magnificent Flower Embroidery on Dupattas, shawls or other garments Called phulkari in nearby speech, the inception of this delightful workmanship can be followed back to the fifteenth century AD. The word phulkari implies blossoming. It is a type of art wherein weaving is done in a straightforward and scanty plan over cloaks and dupattas. Now and again where the plan is worked over intently, covering the material totally, it is called bagh (a nursery of blossoms). 

The Embroidery of Phulkari and bagh is done in long and short darn join, which is made into endless plans and examples. It is the skillful control of this single line that loans a fascinating and trademark measurement to this embroidery. The strings utilized were of a silk yarn called pat (Heer). Brilliant hues were constantly liked and among these, brilliant yellow, red, blood red, orange, green, blue, pink and so on, were the famous ones. For the weaving, just a solitary strand was utilized at once, each part worked in one shading. Concealing and variety were not done by utilizing different shades of string. Rather, the impact was acquired by the handy utilization of even, vertical or inclining lines. This brought about giving a deception of more than one shade when the light fell on it and when it was seen from various edges. 

Starting with mathematical examples, blossoms and leaves, the collection of themes was continually amplified. Flying creatures, creatures and human figures and objects of ordinary use were enlisted, alongside vegetables, pots, structures, streams, the sun and the moon, scenes of town life, and other symbolism. Phulkaris and baghs came to be weaved in a staggering scope of wonderful plans. In dhoop chaon, which signifies “sun and shade”, an astonishing intuitive showcase of light and shade was made. The plans stayed natural and consistent with life. There was dhaniya bagh (coriander garden), motia bagh (jasmine garden), satranga bagh (nursery of the rainbow), leheria bagh (nursery of waves) and numerous different portrayals. 

Today the most unpredictable and searched after phulkaris are the sainchi phulkaris, which rejuvenate scenes from country Punjab. An unfathomable abundance of detail is weaved onto fabric. With time, the phulkaris turned out to be intently weaved with the lives of the ladies of Punjab. 

The delights distress, expectations, dreams and desires of the little youngsters and ladies who weaved the phulkaris were frequently moved onto the material. Numerous society tunes developed out of this expressive blend of abilities and exceptional sentiments. In this way, it is that one hears a young lady, whose pledged has not sent a guaranteed message to her, mumbling tragically, delicately, as she weaves Peacocks Design Phulkari Dupatta. It was not some time before phulkari society tunes turned into an aspect of the well known, throbbing people moves of Punjab – the gidda and the bhangra.

The bagh was viewed as an image of marriage and among the rich families, some of the time up to 51 bits of different plans were given to the lady of the hour. She, thus, wore them for propitious and formal events. In certain parts of Punjab, it was standard to wrap the new mother with a bagh on the eleventh day after the introduction of the kid, when she left the maternity space just because. 

Phulkaris were likewise made for strict services or to be utilized at other bubbly occasions. A phulkari is purified to be utilized as the shade over the blessed book of the Sikhs, the ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. For each extraordinary event, for each unique setting, the flexible fingers and ripe creative mind of the ladies of Punjab planned a great choice of phulkaris. Explore the exciting collection of Phulkari Arts like Phulkari Georgette Saree, Phulkari Chinon Saree, Phulkari Chanderi Suit, Phulkari Cotton Suit, Phulkari Chinon Dupatta, Phulkari Kota Checks Dupatta, Phulkari Chanderi Silk Dupatta, and many more at