Paithani Sarees – A Traditional Saree Of Maharashtra

If you are from in or around Maharashtra, Paithani saree need no introduction. You must be owning at least one of these statement pieces of ethnic style, if not more. For those who still need to include this very awesome art form, here is a fact. Did you know that once upon a time these heirloom sarees were used as currency because it was so expensive? And did you know that this form of weaving is more than 2000 years old and that the weave is done with the same technique as the Persian rug? Okay, now I think I have your interest. For a woman like you who is aware and appreciative of handlooms, it is imperative that you own one which is authentic and imbibes not only the art but the spirit of the age old weave.

Off White Handloom Paithani Pure Silk Saree With Muniya Border

The aesthetics of these sarees is all about innovating with textiles within the framework of tradition. From peacock motifs which are the oldest forms of adornment of paithani sarees border and pallu work, the motifs are now a blend of contemporary and traditional. Even the colours which were previously confined to purple, yellow, red, pink and bottle green are now in variations of blue, grey, mauve and pastels. Actually we are in that period of time where fashion has seen a new fusion. And honestly, this is the best time to indulge in purchasing Paithani sarees online, which like paintings are always different from each other.

Blue Handloom Paithani Pure Silk Peacock Design Pallu Saree

There is a saying in Hindi which says, “Ek jawhari ko hi heere ki pehchaan hoti hai.” This implies that only a true connoisseur can appreciate a piece of real art. This holds true for you and the weaves at Luxurion World. After all, this forum is for genuine art and art lovers like you all. The Paithani sarees online at Luxurion World are heirlooms that invoke feelings of celebrations and happiness. It is sarees like these and wearers like you who keep alive the age old tradition of art which is the essence of our country and culture. Let the magic stay on forever. May you be the epitome of that magic and may we add new dimensions to the endeavour of our invaluable weavers and wearers.