Natural Dyed Batik Print Saree

Every time I see a woman in a saree, I tend to draw an image of what and how she wants the world to perceive her. Actually our clothing choice speaks a lot about ourselves. You must have noticed yourself how you tend to gravitate towards neutral colours in your wardrobe when going for first meets, whether first day in college or office or formal meets. And how you love bold colours for festive or celebratory occasions. It is similar in case of fabric and prints as well. A woman in an ajrakh or batik print saree spells sophistication in her attire. She portrays a powerful personality and an eye for details.

Batik print saree is a result of unique technique of printing on cloth using molten wax wherein parts of plain cloth are covered by wax and then the cloth is dyed. The cloth is later boiled to remove the wax. Cracks are developed in the wax by crumpling the cloth which leads to seepage of dye into the area covered by wax. This creates a distinguished feature of batik design and is one of the inherent qualities that make it a favourite among art lovers. Batik motifs are either geometrical or elaborate natural ones like flowers, leaves, vines, small animals and insects. Whatever the motifs or the fabric on which it is printed, Batik print saree speak of elegance and classiness.

Red Hand Batik Pure Chanderi Silk Saree

Because of its ever increasing popularity, batik silk saree are emerging as hot favourites. The difference between buying from Luxurion World and other forums is that Batik sarees available here are naturally dyed without the use of any chemicals. They are all handcrafted using the traditional means and thus are environmental friendly and skin friendly. There is a collection where Batik printing is complemented with Kantha embroidery making it all the more distinguished in its appeal. The multiple choice of fabric ranges from cotton, Murshidabad silk, Chanderi silk, Bangalore silk and many more. The vivacious patterns are both in neutral shades and multicoloured vibrant ones. So whatever your choice, you will find the one you are looking for.

Yellow Hand Batik Murshidabad Silk Floral Design Saree

If you wish to upgrade your wardrobe to a more chic one, inclusion of Batik sarees comes as a natural option. Browse through Batik silk saree at Luxurion World to choose and buy.