Look Graceful in Sarees: Anytime, Anywhere

I am going to start this one by asking a question. Are you the type who likes to pull-out worn-out jeans and top when you are venturing out just to run a few errands? Well, to be honest I was exactly this till a few years back. I would wait for a party or a get together to take my precious sarees out of my wardrobe. Not anymore. I think for a woman to be comfortable in her everyday sarees is so graceful. These days I see an increased visibility of saree clad women everywhere, be it workplace, a mall or just in the marketplace. Trust me, I do seem to notice them and so do others in praise of their sartorial wish. And this is what makes me wear more of them, even when I am casually going out.

We are witnessing a revival of sarees. The fashion influencers have truly expanded the horizons by presenting a variety of waysto don a saree, hence look different each time and not appear repetitive. It is actually a power statement to be able to carry saree casually and without over emphasizing your ensemble. So even if you are plus size and think a saree will bring to notice your body flaws, its time you give it all a back seat and just dress up for yourself. Feeling good is feeling happy!

Sarees are for every time and everywhere. You can never have too many sarees. You can never run short of ideas to pull out a saree. It has revolutionised the concept of party wear and everyday wear. While Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, Paithani and more of their kind make excellent bridal saree or wedding wear; cotton, georgette and linen are great casual wear. No bridal trousseau is complete without the love of a mother so carefully selecting sarees for the darling daughter and no wedding is complete without a sizeable brigade of female beauties look ethereal in sarees. Such is the magnitude of the power of this six-yard wonder.

There is no ‘correct’ way to wear sarees. It is just as you want or please. So, experiment with all that you have wanted. It is good to feel liberated and not be confined to any norms. Only sarees can give you this freedom. Explore the possibilities of styles and celebrate being a woman!