Kantha- The pride of West Bengal

Birbhum locale of West Bengal is the origin of Kantha embroidery. Even though Kantha was generally used to finish blankets and comforters, it is currently a well-known weaving for Kantha salwar kameez, Kantha sarees, Kantha dupattas and Kantha shirts. 

Kantha sarees are undeniably weaved on cotton or silk. Unadulterated silk and Tussar silk are the supported assortments of silk. Kantha join has different sorts of lines like Rumal Kantha, Archilata Kantha, Durjani Kantha, Baiton Kantha, Sujani Kantha, Lep Kantha and Oaar Kantha. 

Rumal Kantha is utilized to cover plates, Archilata Kantha is utilized to cover mirrors, Durjani Kantha is utilized to make internal parts of handbags and wallets, Baiton Kantha is utilized to cover books, comforters are made utilizing Sujani Kantha and Lep Kantha is utilized to make quilts for warmth, though Oaar Kantha is utilized for cushion covers. 

These Kantha Embroidery Sarees, are famous worldwide and are delivered to a great extent on a business scale. There are mediators like advertising organizations, wholesalers selling crude materials and chain stores offering it to the last purchaser. It is anything but difficult to become mixed up in the group and purchase counterfeit and get tricked. Even though these sarees are sold around the world, they are still hand-sewed by ladies of rustic locales and have the right to be paid satisfactorily. 

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