Jamdani saree: The most versatile drape for casual and formal times

The very mention of Jamdani sarees transports me to the visualisation of a Bong beauty in middle parted vermilion applied slightly wavy hair tied in a bun, a big red bindi, and expressive eyes wearing a white saree with red jamdani work on it. Beautiful, isn’t it? Or did I just end up describing Vidya Balan in the movie ‘Parineeta’. Well, legacy rich sarees like Jamdani have a way with the way it pronounces grace and poise. Till date Jamdani pure cotton sarees are the most favoured everyday attire of elite Bengali women.

Pastel Handloom Jamdani Pure Linen Saree

Let us get an insight into one of the finest handwoven variety of muslin. The word Jamdani is of Persian origin and comes from the word ‘Jam’ meaning flower and ‘dani’ meaning vase, suggesting the characteristic floral motifs on these sarees. Designs range from ‘butidar’ where the entire saree is scattered with floral sprays, to diagonally striped floral sprays called ‘tercha’ or a network of floral motifs called ‘jhalar’. The weaving is time consuming and labour intensive making this artwork one of the most prized fabrics in the world. Famous fashion designer Gaurang Shah who has showcased Jamdani weaves on the ramp, feels that Jamdani is the expression of India’s elegant and detailed heritage.

The presence of Jamdani weaves is a pleasant sight among Bollywood celebrities like Rani Mukherjee, Kajol, Aishwarya Rai and many others. The most notable appearance was when Priyanka Chopra received the Padma Shri wearing a lime green Jamdani saree with intricate floral designs. Inspired by their choice, most of us love to flaunt a Jamdani saree while attending formal dos as they look so crisp and breathtaking.

A genuine Jamdani is an investment in a piece of heritage and an expression of regality and
aristocracy. When you drape a Jamdani pure cotton saree you will be mesmerised by its ornate
simplicity and the unparalleled comfort, not to mention the appreciative looks by the onlookers. It
will make you feel special in this incredible art work. So if you still do not have one, it is time you
bring one home. Make a buying choice as you explore the amazing range of Jamdani sarees at
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