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Jamdani weaving – Intangible cultural heritage

jamdani banner.jpgA master art of weaving, Jamdani has been declared as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. What more introduction and acknowledgement does it require! Originally known as Dhakai, it is a handloom woven fabric made of cotton, which historically was referred to as muslin. Jamdani textiles combine intricacy of design with muted or vibrant colours and the finished garments are highly breathable. Therefore, it enjoys a cult status in the Bengal region and has now expanded its horizon globally.

Like most of the antique art forms, Jamdani is also a time consuming and labour-intensive form of weaving. The richness of the motifs which are so intricately woven has made Jamdani saree a symbol of identity, dignity and self-recognition. A woman to love draping Jamdani saree has not only to qualify as a saree lover but also somewhat who takes pride in heritage; feels a sense of cultural identity and social cohesion.

A word of Persian origin, Jamdani is a combination of the words ‘Jam’ meaning flower and ‘dan’ meaning vase. The golden era of the Dhaka muslin began in the 17th century with the Mughal rule who patronised this art to a great extent. It was once considered fine enough to pass through a ring owing to its artistic finish.

Jamdani sarees, due to their diaphanous nature, drape beautifully and hence is comfortable to carry for long hours too. They portray multicoloured linear or floral motifs, but the mango motif signifies fertility, growth and marital bliss is extremely popular. The variety of Jamdani sarees at Luxurion World are all classy pieces of craftsmanship. Available in linen cotton and cotton silk, they are what you need to present an aristocratic appearance. They are bright and multi coloured, bright in a solid colour or available in muted shades – all as per your taste and requirement. Now when you are aware of its rich varied heritage, you must be impatient to drape an authentic one. Waste no time, dear friends and log to Luxurion World to view the entire range of resplendent Jamdani sarees. Happy shopping!

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