How do you choose best banarasi saree

When it comes to buying a saree that equals a heirloom, both because of its make and price, a lot of thought should go into its prep. As a buyer there are various considerations that should be put to value. It becomes much more important when you are looking for best Banarasi saree for wedding.

1) Your necessity/ purpose/ occasion – The first thing is that you should ask yourself when and where you need to wear the Banarasi saree. Is it for a wedding/ bridal purpose, some formal gatherings, or a rendezvous with friends? Depending on the occasion you can categorise the fabric and the zari work that goes with the saree. If it is for a celebrating occasion, you could go for best Banarasi saree for wedding with meenakari jaal butis in silk fabric / shikargah motif Banarasi saree, for office or formal use khadi Banarasi with cotton-based blouse which blends beautifully in the ambience.

Red Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Saree

2) Your body type – Needless to say, this is the most important factor to consider. What may look good on the model may or may not come out equally well on you, simply because you have different body types. If you are on lighter side of scale, try going for the silk based Banarasi with heavy border and butis that will make you look good. For those on the higher side of the scale, go for organza or tissue Banarasi weaves as they are light weight and does not give unnecessary volume. Always remember to wear a shapewear beneath your saree. It cuts at least three to four inches off your waist and sides (tried and tested).

Light Lavender Handloom Banarasi Organza Silk Saree

3) Authentic handloom – To a layman it might seem an uphill task to say a machine loom from a handloom.  The pride, texture and make varies considerably between the two. So, if you are ready to invest in a Banarasi go for an authentic platform that guarantees you the best Banarasi saree for online shopping. They will be little pricey, but you win in the end as the drape of an authentic handloom weave is a matchless perfection.

Purple Handloom Banarasi Pure Katan Silk Meenakari Saree

4) The intricacy of work – A lot of price variation is because of the difference in the intricacy of weave of a Banarasi. While some sarees may take six months on the loom others may be quicker and hence cheaper. So have a budget in mind before you start exploring the best Banarasi saree for online shopping segment and it will be easier for you.

Grey Handloom Banarasi Kora Silk Meenakari Saree

When we talk about sarees, it will be incomplete without the mention of blouses. It is the make and design of a blouse that brings out the beauty of the saree. For rounded or flabby shoulders, avoid going for sleeveless blouses. Similarly, a long sleeved one may also land to make you look heavier. If you have a wrinkled neck, go for Chinese collared, short sleeved blouses. For short necked ladies, a deep neck suits best.

At Luxurion World we present you not only a great collection of stunning Banarasi weaves but also a guide for best Banarasi saree for online shopping to help you buy better. For any queries or help just ping and our team will get back to you.