Georgette Fabric: Versatile Of All Sarees

The love for georgette fabric goes beyond age groups and any boundaries. You will often spot women who wear sarees as everyday wear, wearing printed georgettes because “it is so easy to wash, maintain and carry.” Then again you will notice women wearing georgette sarees for outings and work wear because “they are simple, elegant and also fashionable.” At parties georgette sarees are a familiar sighting as “everyone loves the transparent, flowy fabric that makes a perfect drape.” The love for georgette sarees are also beyond seasons. Being light weight they are the first choice for summer and monsoon. 

The variety in georgette fabric is such that there is more than one for each one of us. The diversity in border and pallu work, the range of prints, the different kinds of embroidered embellishments, all make it an endearment for us. My personal favourite is chikankari work on pastel georgette for formal wear and bright coloured leheriya printed georgette sarees for more festive dos. You could also go with bandhani georgette sarees or georgette banarasi sarres for celebratory occasions. The trendy digital printed ones are great to go for the weekend brunch with your girl gang. If you are a lover of embroidered work, what better than to go with phulkari work georgette sarees or Kashmiri Aari work sarees. The range is simply endless all with an everlasting beauty and being eternal favourites.

Georgette fabric is a thin woven silk fabric often of crepe yarn and construction. A sheer, lightweight fabric, often made of silk or from such manufactured fibers as polyester, with a crepe surface. Owing to its smooth texture the saree can be draped in numerous ways like mermaid style, Mumtaz style, belt style, dhoti style, pant style and of course the traditional way. That is why it is as much a favourite among the fashion conscious younger generation as it is with an eighty year old beautiful woman.

An exclusive range of georgette fabric online awaits you at Luxurion World. Catering to the preference of each one of you we have an awesome stock ready to be shipped. The diversity in price range also ensures that you can have one that suits your wallet. A timeless fashion trend that shouts out, “All that glitters is always Georgette.”