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Dupatta tera nau rang da!

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Dupatta – A single piece of fabric that is the style transformer! The look of a simple salwar suit or kurti leggings can be changed completely when a beautiful dupatta is draped over it. The obsession of Indian women since time eternity, dupatta has evolved yet retained its magical flavor. Bollywood has been in love with it since its inception. Remember the black and white era heroines in nazneen or net dupattas waiting coyly for their love interest while playing with their dupatta ends. Since then to date, Bollywood has paid ode to this piece of fabric by composing numerous songs in its favor.

Like all ethnic garnments, dupattas have had its share of evolution and how! From trendy embroidered patterns to silk ones, dupattas are the latest fashion element. At Luxurion World, we take pride in providing you with an exquisite designer collection of amazing dupattas. Drape it over both your shoulders or just let it fall down a single – the choice is yours. We also have dupattas that can double over as stylish stoles over your western garments too!

Browse through our unique assortment of dupatta to see for yourself. We are sure you will love them for the visionary bliss they exude. It’s time, pretty ladies to flaunt the essence of Indian culture and feel the excitement of being in vogue; both at the same time. So recreate the subtle sensuality portrayed by our onscreen heroines by going in for dupattas only from Luxurion World.