Sustainable Fashion – the next big thing

Fashion is no longer restricted to wearing branded clothes and flaunting your style sense. It has now shifted focus to ecological balance over the growing threat to environmental concern. Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products towards greater ecological integrity. Isn’t it, our responsibility towards the global concern of… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion – the next big thing

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KARVA CHAUTH – The festival of moon, bangles and beauty.

“ Ve Veero Kuriye Karwara,Ve Sarv Suhagan Karwara” For an Indian woman, the celebration of togetherness as a married couple is the greatest festive occasion of the year. Karva Chauth is observed by women, especially of the North West India, for the longevity and wellness of their husband. The grand celebration requires the women to… Continue reading KARVA CHAUTH – The festival of moon, bangles and beauty.

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Ravishing look of Bandhej Sarees

Somehow Bandhej sarees denote happiness and a lot of positivity for us. Do you also feel the same? Then, it is just the right choice for you to sail through the upcoming festive and marriage season. Just like the products on Luxurion World, we feel that being happy never goes out of style! Stay stylish dear ladies, today and forever! . . #bandhani #banarasi #rajasthan #uttarpradesh #authentic