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Aari work, the most intricate thread-work.

Beads and a sharp edges needle named muthia are used to create chain stitches according to the design of the embroidery. Aari work is created using a pen shaped needle with an end shaped like a crochet needle. Aari work is popular for how delicate and fine the designs, thus bringing more finesse into hand embroidery.

It is traced back to the 12th century Mughal period. With time, places like Kutch, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Lucknow adopted Aari embroidery.

Seeing the intricacies of this work, it has always been considered one of the most tedious forms of needle work. However, today’s technology has blessed us with advanced stitching techniques and the increase in the number of artisans has made the embroidery work quicker.

Aari work is seen on all types of garments. They can be worn at weddings, family functions and are apt for formal settings as well.

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