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The wholesomeness of the silks

For all of us, silk is synonym with celebration, with comfort, with timeless grace; with heritage weaves, with a perfect gifting idea! It is the most frequently used fabric for bridal wear and groom wear too. It is opulent, classy, lavish and fancy. And friends, it is also our namesake- luxurious silks at LuxurionWorld!! . . . #silk #authenticsilk #onlinesilk #handloom #authentic


The Evolution of Sarees – Luxurion World

A saree clad woman is a depiction of the cultural essence of our country, something that denotes her passion to be in touch with the roots of our tradition. The traditional garment of choice for Indian women everywhere, saree is much more than just a national costume. It is embracing the love of our mothers,… Continue reading The Evolution of Sarees – Luxurion World