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Dupatta tera nau rang da!

Dupatta – A single piece of fabric that is the style transformer! The look of a simple salwar suit or kurti leggings can be changed completely when a beautiful dupatta is draped over it. The obsession of Indian women since time eternity, dupatta has evolved yet retained its magical flavor. Bollywood has been in love with it since its inception.… Continue reading Dupatta tera nau rang da!


Kantha- The pride of West Bengal

Birbhum locale of West Bengal is the origin of Kantha embroidery. Even though Kantha was generally used to finish blankets and comforters, it is currently a well-known weaving for Kantha salwar kameez, Kantha sarees, Kantha dupattas and Kantha shirts.  Kantha sarees are undeniably weaved on cotton or silk. Unadulterated silk and Tussar silk are the supported assortments… Continue reading Kantha- The pride of West Bengal

Dupattas · Stoles

Ajrakh Blockprint : Highest Standard of Elegance with Vegetable Dyes

When the world is humming with “sustainability” and “environment-friendly” as the newest big trends of the future, for many centuries, innumerable crafts have existed in harmony with nature. A few things are reserved to such an extent that they don't glare out, yet so striking that one can't resist the opportunity to welcome the style… Continue reading Ajrakh Blockprint : Highest Standard of Elegance with Vegetable Dyes


These antique statement pieces will perfectly compliment your wardrobe!

Hey there lovelies! Every outfit that you wear is incomplete without a statement piece to complete it. Be it a bag, neckpieces, shoes or even your signature scent. Today’s blog is about such necklaces, that will compliment every outfit you wear. To make sure your wardrobe is on point, check our website.